Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Carry on Camping

At the moment I am sitting in bed watching a programme on BBC Four about camping. I had totally forgotten the joys. Back in the mid eighties I remember how at a moment's notice my husband and I [we were newly weds back then] would decide on a lovely sunsoaked weekend after work at the office to pack up our small two-man tent and set off for Saundersfoot, West Wales.

There was no worry that we'd taken enough food and clothing, we just threw things together and off we went. The place we stayed was in Step-a-Side [what a quaint name!] and consisted of a bare farmer's field with a toilet block!

The farmer came round early each morning shouting out 'Rent money!'. It cost just £3.00 per night. We had a small gas stove which we used to boil both kettle and frying pan for such delights as fried eggs, bacon, sausage and beans. There's nothing like eating alfresco!

We took my daughter to the same place when she was eighteen months old, along with my mother [a ready made and willing baby sitter.] Unfortunately, we lasted only a day as after setting up a much larger tent this time it was a wash out!

I think I'd like to try it again sometime in the future, even though I love my home comforts these days!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas and the weather

View from Rhydycar, Merthyr Tydfil, overlooking the old Glamorganshire Canal. Some of the icicles suspended from the bridge were 2 feet long!

Had a lovely Christmas day yesterday the snow was still deep and crisp and even! Got up early to clear the decks in the kitchen before putting the turkey into roast. Then I peeled the potatoes, carrots and parsnips and prepared the pigs in blankets and stuffing. Nathan, my son, presented me with a fabulous laptop which I am using at the moment. I know I'm well behind the times not to have one before now, instead, making do with an Alphasmart!

My hubby bought me a lovely white gold and diamond pendant, my daughter, Leyna, gave me some fluffy white slippers and some toiletries.

My mother and brother joined us for Christmas dinner and I have to say it all went like a dream. Everything cooked to perfection and it was the first Christmas day in years when I didn't get stressed out!

The afternoon was spent chatting and listening to music [my new Michael Buble CD]. My nephew, Ryan, called later followed by Leyna's boyfriend, Lee, then Nathan's girlfriend, Helen. It was lovely having everyone together.

In the night we snuggled up to watch some Christmas tele: 'Come Fly with Me' David Walliams and Matt Lucas, was so funny, followed by 'The Royle Family'. Bliss.