Wednesday, January 06, 2016

The Magic of Reading a Good Book

Over the festive season I try to read at least one Christmas themed book. It usually gives me a warm feeling inside, a bit like snuggling up under a fleece blanket near the fireside, with a cup of hot chocolate when it’s snowing outside!

This year, I managed to acquire ‘The Snow Globe’ by Sheila Roberts for just £1.00 from The Works. This book is currently retailing for £8.99 on Amazon and has some great reviews.

This book was so good that I had to finish it yesterday. I read the final chapters at the railway station in Taffs Well, on the train home...and the last pages at Tesco’s cafe as I drank a cup of hot chocolate as I savoured every single word. It seemed appropriate somehow, as that’s how the book made me feel, all comfy/cosy inside and Christmassy too.

The main character, Kiley Gray, who has just been dumped by her boyfriend for her sister, buys an antique snow globe which already has an interesting tale attached to it dating back to the 1800s.

When Kiley shakes the globe and the flurry of snowflakes settle, she sees a picture inside of her future that leads her on a journey, so the globe becomes a sort of Christmas crystal ball that foretells the user’s future.

The globe gets passed from person-to-person and magically changes their lives for the better.

This really is a feel-good story that evokes the spirit of Christmas. It’s a page-turner, it has to be as I’ve never spent a train journey like that before where I’ve blocked out the outside world and wished the ride had been a little longer.

Reading the book seemed a fitting end to the last day of Christmas, and what a feeling it left me with...

It was simply magical, filled with the spirit of the season!!

Currently till retailing for £1.00 at The Works!

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