Friday, December 27, 2013

New Year Bucket List

I’m not going to make any New Year’s Resolutions for 2014, instead I’m going to make a ‘New Year Bucket List’ of things I’d like to achieve during the year.

Top of my list is ‘Friendships’

I intend to cultivate those that mean most to me, the people who take time to be in my life and whose encouragement and loving support motivate me.  But I shall once again cut out those who keep letting me down.  There have been several of those lately and my motto is: “Three Strikes and you’re out!”  I’m all for giving people second chances but not third and fourth ones.

Other things I’d like to achieve are:

** To keep writing and submitting my novels and short stories

** Finish the third book of my trilogy for Knox Robinson Publishing in the ‘Winds of Change’ series, entitled ‘Blue Skies’

** To promote my published work and myself as an author more

** To take up any challenges offered to me, it’s good to get shaken out of our comfort zones now and again!

** Embrace change.  Although it’s a scary thing, change can be positive

** Let go of things I have no control over and change those things that need changing

** Fear can be a positive emotion.  I’m going to try to do something that scares me every now and again

** Walk away from any people or situations that cause me grief

** Take each new day as it comes…

** Maintain my sense of self and my inner peace