Friday, February 10, 2017

The Workhouse Waif [Available Now!]

The perfect heartwarming romance, rich in historical detail.
When she returned to the Workhouse, the dark foreboding building made her stomach lurch, it was then she realised that she had never been allowed out of its confines on her own during the hours of darkness before, that was another strike against her. It had been daylight when she’d departed…

Eleven-year-old, Megan Hopkins, is an inmate at Merthyr Tydfil Union Workhouse. Megan’s family has fallen on hard times. Her hardworking collier father, was killed in a mining accident at Castle Pit Troedyrhiw, and her mother has six mouths to feed, besides her own, so they all find themselves interned at the local workhouse.

One day, Megan has been asked by the matron to fetch some shopping as there’s a Board of Guardians meeting that afternoon, she is skipping past the Temperance Hall holding a wicker basket in her hand, when she’s stopped in her tracks by the most melodious voice she has ever heard in her life. It’s the voice of an angel, called, Kathleen O’Hara.

Megan doesn’t realise it, but their paths are about to cross and maybe a little magic is about to occur…
Available here in Kindle and Paperback formats!

Sunday, January 01, 2017

Bucket List 2017

I looked at a Bucket List I'd created two years ago and realised I'd achieved most of what I'd set out to do back then. My main aims were to cultivate friendships or let them go if they weren't fulfilling, also to promote myself more as an author and publish more books, which I have done! So it got me thinking that maybe writing things down plants a seed in the subconscious mind regarding these things and to achieving them.

As one of my Facebook friends said today, "You create your own reality and by writing things down it just makes your intentions more powerful!" -- which I whole heartedly agree with!.

So here is my Bucket List for 2017

* To write and publish book #2 in 'The Winds of Fortune' Series

* To have another Amazon Kindle bestselling book this year!

* To keep promoting and advertising myself as an author and my books

* To take every opportunity presented to me to try something new, especially if it takes me out of my comfort zone once in a while!

* To learn to speak Welsh

* To invest time in relationships that are worthwhile but let go of those that drain me of my energy or cause me grief in some way

* To learn to let go of things that don't really matter

* To clear my clutter including: Clothing, books, papers, CDS and DVDS

Hopefully, this time next year I will have achieved some of these things!

Please watch this space!!