Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Back in the Saddle

Well, I decided it's about time I got back on the horse again. The blog writing horse that is. I've been so busy with my Open University course: The Diploma in Literature and Creative Writing. Then of course there was all the awful stuff that many of you know happened to me last year. I don't want to rake all over the ins and outs of it again, done enough of that this past few months...let's just say things are much better and we're working at things.

I finally sent in my last assignment to the OU the other week. So now have more time to write other things beside assignments. The big final assignment was to write a thirty minute play. Something I really enjoyed doing. I've always fancied script writing and one of my previous writing tutors suggested years ago I try it. I might even send the script to the BBC as a calling card, they accept stage plays of that length.

I'm trying to be positive about life and think about the good things that came out of the bad of last year. I made two new friends who I don't think I would have otherwise made. Both are very precious to me, I love the bones of them. I also learned a lot about myself. Mainly that I'd been coasting along in life oblivious to what was really going on under my nose. The drifting apart in the relationship I'm talking about here. Now I am much more switched on and aware of things. It's made me realise that the rug can be pulled at any time. A piece of paper doesn't hold any relationship together.

If I could turn back time, would I do so? Maybe if I could have prevented all the bad stuff happening. But then would I have learned something from it? I guess not.

I'm far more cynical now and perhaps the saddest thing of all is that I don't believe in fairy tales any more. But maybe that's a good thing...