Saturday, July 11, 2009

Me and my purse

I don't know what it is about me and purses, but I can never keep one for long. It's not so much that I lose them, although that has happened before now. More that I end up breaking into so many notes that there's always a lot of change in my purse which eventually starts busting out through the sides. It wasn't until I was going for the bus yesterday and could hear coins chinking against the pavement that I realised it was my purse bulging at the seams again.

The problem is that I get so used to the particular purse I have that no other one compares. I searched around town all afternoon looking for the perfect purse. They were either much too small without a section for credit/debit cards etc., or they were far too large. I managed though finally to find the perfect purse in New Look of all places. I wouldn't normally think to look in there. There was also the added bonus that it was half price, so I had it for £3.00 instead of £6.00. So I am one happy bunny until all those coins mount up again and split my purse open. If only I were more organised!


Teresa Ashby said...

You need a piggy bank for all those coins!
But purses have to be Just Right don't they!

Lynette said...

Do you know, a piggy bank might be a good idea for my spare coins, Teresa. My hubby is always telling me off for not using the coins as much as I should. No wonder my handbag often weighs a ton!

Teresa W said...

And did you break into another tenner to pay for it, or did you use all that loose change? :)

Lynette said...

Hmmm...had to think about that one, Teresa! I remember now, I used my loose change for once lol.