Saturday, July 04, 2009

Over Heated

I went to work on Wednesday, and have to admit to feeling uncomfortably hot that day, but kept a bottle of water by my side and took frequent sips. I was dressed reasonably cool in a cotton short sleeve blouse and denim skirt and sandals. I waited at the bus stop to go home for around 10 -15 minutes, in the hot sun. I wore sun glasses but there was no shade. The bus when it turned up, felt like a green house inside. I walked around the town and did some shopping before ringing my husband from Wilkinsons to pick me up. I purposely chose that store as it's air conditioned and I could sit down and sip my bottle of water.

During the evening I felt pretty up beat. I sat outside in the shade for a short period of time and then cooked the evening meal. I went to bed before midnight with a mug of tea but couldn't drink much of it. This is usually a good indication with me if my stomach is playing up as I love my cup of tea.

I awoke early the next day with a splitting headache and extreme nausea. I rang in sick for work. I spent the majority of the day retching, nursing a sore head [that I couldn't take pain killers for because of the nausea], and extreme drowsiness. It was quite scary -- my husband was at work and my son was out for the day.

When I got up to go to the bathroom I felt giddy.

I rested as much as I could, took sips of water and put a cold compress on my head. There was nothing else I could do.

I realised by now it was heat exhaustion. I developed this back in 1976 during that extremely hot summer, but then I was out in the sun most of the time. This time I wasn't. The following day I still felt slightly head achy but able to eat a little.

Today, I am still off my food a bit and developed a sore neck for some reason when out shopping this afternoon.

What scares me is why I developed heat exhaustion this time when I wasn't doing anything particularly wrong? I kept as cool as I could, sipped water, kept in the shade when I could.

I am worried in case it happens again.

Maybe I am one of those people who is more prone to temperature rise and fall as I once fainted after being in the snow as a child.

Next time it's a hot day maybe I need to avoid hot drinks, drink double the amount of water, carry around a portable fan and if possible, avoid the bus altogether!


Coupon Trunk said...

Hope you're feeling better! Heat exhaustion is bad stuff, do be careful.

womagwriter said...

Definitely drink lots more water i the hot weather, and avoid caffeinated drinks as they dehydrate you even more. I've had heatstroke and it is horrible.

Hope you are feeling better now.

Teresa Ashby said...

Oh that sounds awful - you poor thing. Hope you're feeling much better now - and drinking lots!

Lynette said...

Thanks for your concern, everyone. :)

I'm wondering if the caffeinated drinks might have contributed to the problem that day. I drank a mug of normal coffee before I left work. I normally drink decaff at home.

I am still a little 'out of sorts' but SO much better than I was.