Sunday, July 12, 2009

Murdered for his money?

There are now reports from Michael Jackson's family, particularly La Toya Jackson, that he was murdered. She claims there was a circle of shadowy figures who kept him from his family. He supposedly kept around £ 1 million at his home, and that along with some jewellery, has now gone missing.

See here:

And what the LA police chief says here:

Maybe Michael Jackson was murdered, who knows? There is a second autopsy report and toxicology report due shortly. But I can't help thinking that all of this is reminding me of when Princess Diana died. There are still people around today who believe she was murdered by some sort of secret service or even members of the royal family.

Could it be that people, particularly Michael's family, don't want to accept that he might have died from a self induced drugs overload and would prefer to think there were 'shadowy figures' out there responsible for his death.

In one article I read, La Toya claims that Michael was 'the loneliest man in the world' and had no real friends. Yet, I know of at least one good friend he had and that was Mark Lester, the former child star from the movie, Oliver. Jackson often visited Mark's home and they did 'normalish' things together. Mark is a godparent to Michael's children, so he must have trusted him. I also noticed him at the the memorial service.

Could it be that most of his family were so out of touch with Michael that they had no idea what was going on in his life? After all, it's often the case when someone dies that the people who did the least have the most to say. I hope I'm wrong about that though...


Teresa W said...

Hi Lynette. I haven't paid too much attention to the ramblings of the Sunday tabloids, but the initial reports that Michael Jackson was prescribed various painkillers from different doctors, some of whom knew nothing of other prescriptions could be construed as murder. After all, if he was addicted to the painkillers, then they are likely to have been monitored by whoever was prescribing surely?

It was also said that an injection was given directly into his heart. Now I'm no medic, but isn't that how they inject adrenaline during cardiac arrest? (Or have I been watching too much TV?) And there were broken ribs, which I do know are the result of CPR sometimes.

I have the feeling that if something somebody did actually caused his death, it will be seen as accidental, rather than homicide.

Lynette said...

Yes, it's all very strange. There are also reports of puncture wounds to Michael's neck. I suppose we won't know much more until the autopsy and toxicology reports are published, and even then, maybe we won't be much wiser.