Friday, September 08, 2006

Flown away from my publisher!

Well I've done something I thought I would never do, I have pulled both my books from my publisher. I asked to be released from both contracts, from IT HAPPENED ONE SUMMER [only published in May of this year] and from forthcoming, RETURN TO WINTER. The last book was due out in November. Of course I am disappointed, but I had to think of the welfare of the charity that I'm donating the proceeds from both books to.

I finally received the 100 copies of IT HAPPENED ONE SUMMER two days ago on the 6th of September, they should have been with me at the end of July. I know that it isn't always the publisher/printer's fault, but I had other issues I just wasn't happy with. My main concern was the lack of response to my e-mails when I had a query or request, I felt as though I was shouting out into a deep, black void and no one was listening.

So time will tell whether I will be fortunate to have both books picked up by another publisher or if I will have to go down the self publishing route.

All the reviews for IT HAPPENED ONE SUMMER can be found here:

I asked numerous times for some of my reviews be published on my author page at the publisher's website, like others are. The person concerned, who was supposed to be the Author Liaison person as well as the computer techie [notice the irony here], never once answered my e-mails, even when I asked on the message board.

Communication is an important aspect within many walks of life. If a couple aren't talking properly and there are misunderstandings, then relationships crumble, so it was with myself and the publisher.

As a counsellor, I find that the two main things a client wants from the counselling relationship are to be listened to and understood, why couldn't my publisher have done that for me?