Wednesday, March 04, 2009

When the kissing has to stop!

As a romantic novelist, I often write about kissing. In general, most of us like to be kissed one way or another, whether it is passionately by our partner, or a quick peck on the cheek from an old friend or relative.

However, whilst reading some of the Yahoo news headlines today, I came across two kissing stories that were horrific. The first one because of the drink and probable violence involved, and the second, because of a kiss that should have been the most harmless thing in the world from a mother to a young baby that turned out to have deadly consequences.

Here's the first story, entitled: 'Woman 'bit off boyfriend's tongue'

And the second story, the saddest of all: 'Mother's kiss 'killed newborn tot'

The first story sounds to me as if it was a premedicated action on the girlfriend's part and the second, something that in a perfect world could be avoided. A lot of people with cold sores might not realise the harm they are doing if they kiss a vulnerable person like a young child or someone with a lowered immune system. The good thing to come out of the second story is the fact that the mother now wants to campaign to get the message out not to kiss people when you have a cold sore.


Ed Yates said...

Hi Lynette,

it is kind of interesting that what is so often taken as a sign of passion or love can have so many other alternate meanings. I imagine that you probably would not want to be kissed by a mafia boss either!

Hope you are recovered from the bug. White wine also tends to have a fair bit of sulfur dioxide which is used as a preservative. Organic red wine might be a better option if you can get it. If you prefer whites, maybe go for lighter reds like pinot noir.

Lynette said...

Hi Ed,

How are you?

Thanks for the tip about the wine. I'll see if I can get a bottle of organic red or pinot noir instead.

How is the writing going?


Ed Yates said...

Hi Lynette,

I'm going to submit my PhD thesis soon. Possibly end of this week, maybe early next week. I'm tweaking chapter 1 for the 9th or 10th time today and then going through my intro with a fine tooth comb.

I've also written a children's picture book for a 32 page format. That has taken about 3 years from idea to completion. So I'm presently hunting for a literary agent, which I'm finding almost as hard as going direct to publisher.

So hopefully will have two works out in print over the next year.

Am financially exhausted though at end of PhD so have to find a job, which will make getting things written-published more difficult.

Hope you are good. You look like you have been busy. I also like the look of your revamped blog.


Lynette said...

You've been working hard by the sound of it, Ed. Well done on finishing your children's book. I hope you find an agent soon.

Is it illustrated yet or will the publisher sort that out?

Thanks for your comments about my blog. I decided to revamp it as I have neglected it recently, but now I am back and writing again!