Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Two good pieces of news over the weekend!

I got two good pieces of news over the weekend. When I arrived home from shopping on Saturday there was an e-mail in my inbox from the new editor of Writers' Forum magazine. He's interested in my proposed article about last year's charity book launch. So I was thrilled with that.

Then within an hour, I received an e-mail from my romantic suspense editor at The Wild Rose Press accepting my manuscript, "Watching You" for publication. I probably won't get to work on edits on this book until early next year as TWRP are getting a lot of submissions at the moment.


Edward Yates said...

Hi Lynette,

congratulations on the acceptance of your article proposal and your book! Well done. Lot of work involved in both I'll bet. You sound like you will be pretty busy with writing now.

Hope life is all kinds of good for you.


Lynette said...

Thanks, Ed. Hope your writing is going well too. :)