Saturday, January 05, 2008

In the bleak mid winter

Unfortunately, this is an awful time of the year for me. Whilst I should be looking forward to 2008 and all it has to bring, I find it difficult because I suffer from SAD -- Seasonal Affective Disorder. In September, I get that 'closed in' feeling as the days get shorter and the nights grow longer. I'm not too bad usually until around Christmas [the St. John's Wort helps a lot]. But then just after Christmas things go downhill.

The best way to describe it is as if I am running on half power -- my batteries aren't fully charged up or something. This has the affect of making me feel as though I have to push myself to do even the mundane tasks and drag myself about the place.

It's not exactly depression. I once had a very severe form of that and so know what depression feels like. At least with SAD I feel as though I will get better and feel 'normal' whatever normal is, again quite soon. The days are drawing out now, coincidentally, my birthday on December 22nd is usually the shortest day of the year and that's around the time when I sink to rock bottom.

I look ahead to spring time and all that has to offer. There are many people who are a darn sight worst off than me. Roll on those shorter nights and longer days, that's what I say!


Edward Yates said...

Hope you are feeling okay Lynette. Empathize with the whole seasonally affected thing. For me I usually get it by the end of winter in Australia - around August here - I've usually had enough of the cold in Melbourne.

I know the cold is a lot more severe in the UK/Wales so I'd imagine it would be a bit worse. Recently I've tried to take a week or two off and travel up north to Queensland to get some sunshine.

An Australian friend living in London tries to go somewhere sunny in winter and takes her holidays then. Last year she went to Africa (Gambia) and the year before that she visited Egypt. Perhaps that could be a solution if you have time/money?

best regards,

Lynette said...

Hi Ed,

It's good to hear from you.

I think the SAD thing seems worse right now as the skies have been grey with rain for what feels like forever. I try to help myself by getting out for a long walk with the dogs during the day. Although I'm currently going through edits for a new book so I'm on the computer a lot at the moment.

The winter holiday idea sounds great.

So what season is it with you at the moment? Is it summer yet?


Edward Yates said...

Hot and steamy summer days here. Predicted top of 40 degrees Celsius tomorrow and for the day after that. Today was not too hot though - only reached 27 degrees.

Know the feeling of spending a lot of time on computer and I'm about to start an edit and redraft of thesis at the moment, so it won't be any less time in front of the screen in the short term.

You should take a holiday - somewhere cheap and warm.

Walks are good, I usually do 2-3 40 minute walks a day, plus incidental walking, plus a swim/dance once a week and although I'm probably exercising a lot less than I could.

How long until spring breaks the ice where you are?


Lynette said...

Spring is usually official around March 21st. I can't wait for it!

By the way, I tried to post on your blog a couple of days ago but for some reason my post didn't go through.


Edward Yates said...

Hmmm...strange about your post...maybe I'll look at my settings for posting comments.

Not too long until the end of grey and cold then!