Sunday, August 31, 2008

Five Angel Review

Just received a nice review for Return to Winter from the Fallen Angels website. I loved writing this book.:

Return to Winter is an action-packed story with a good string of events that hooks the reader and takes them on a fast-moving ride that gets better by the minute. I got a feel for the characters. The intrigue and mystery lends great suspense to the storyline. The relationship between Steph and Dylan emit a great deal of emotion that grabbed this reader. Lynette Rees puts her whole self into each of her characters, making the read captivating. She pens sharp dialogue, a fabulous plot and some little jaunts along the way that spring forth with invigorating excitement. She tells a remarkable tale skillfully done. I liked the way she sketches the story so the reader is involved with every movement of the characters. The different characters came into play, each contributing something to the story keeping the reader spellbound until the dramatic conclusion.

Reviewer: Linda L.


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