Tuesday, April 14, 2009

And they're off!

This is so bizarre. The other night I was in my bathroom when I noticed a very distinct silhouette of a horse on the shower curtain. No, I wasn't drunk or on mind altering medication, but it was so clear. I somehow knew the horse was a male and that there was some connection to a diamond or a star.

I rarely place a bet but I checked out the races held for Easter Monday, which was the following day. There were none with the name 'star' going but there was one I was immediately attracted to called' 'Ffos Las Diamond'. I had a feeling about it.

My hubby placed the bet for me as I wouldn't have a clue what to do. It was running at the 1.55 at Chepstow. Somehow, and I don't know why, I knew it was going to win. At one point it was only in fifth place, but I still knew.

Yes, it won!!! It took over the leader right at the end.

The odds were 7 - 2. Now I wish I had placed a large bet on it. I won enough for us to all have a takeaway and a few drinks though.

Wonder if I will ever see any more winners on my shower curtain again, or was it just all a mad coincidence?

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