Friday, May 06, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

Here are my top ten guilty pleasures. What are yours?

10. Getting into a freshly made, clean bed.

9. Reading a Jackie Collins book in bed.

8. Drinking a glass of wine on a hot sunny day in the garden.

7. Listening/watching the storm outside when I'm cosy indoors.

6. Popping the bubbles in a sheet of plastic wrap.

5. Finding a handwritten letter or card on the doormat.

4. Listening to an uplifting song like: I Got You 'I Feel Good', James Brown.

3. My first cup of tea of the day, especially if it's made by someone else and brought to me in bed!

2. Finding out that something I've written has been published.

1. Surprise events that break me out of my comfort zone.

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