Sunday, July 17, 2011

Roll of the Dice

Decided to shake up my life at 50, deciding various options by the roll of a dice. When the sands of time are slipping through your fingertips, you got to do something different from your usual routine...Started yesterday afternoon and ended up in the pub instead of shopping. I always go shopping on Saturday afternoon, but this was far more fun!
Today, Dice woman rolls number 6:" Finish the novel 'The Clock Strikes Twelve'!" I almost finished writing this book a couple of years ago but put it to one side when life events took over. So, shall get back into the world of a serial killer this week. Should prove interesting...


The Internet Garbage said...

Congratulations on the book you are about to finish lol! I am sure it will be awesome. And sometimes you have to go out on a whim and roll the dice!

The Internet Garbage

Lynette said...

Thanks for the encouragement! :)