Friday, July 25, 2014

Rapture Recapatured by Thea Phillips my Review

This is the first time in a long while that I've a read a book in one complete sitting!

I was drawn in from the first page...and taken on a journey of discovery and high excitement.

"Widowed Anna meets Rick on an Internet dating site..."

Internet dating can be scary when you're young but what about when you're approaching your sixties and ready for your bus pass and bedroom slippers?

If you think erotic sex is for the young then you are wrong it's also for the young at heart. This is one hot, steamy read that I highly recommend this summer.

It's not just about the sexual scenes though, there is a real romance going on here. Anna is conflicted about her children's feelings about her being so loved up with a stranger. After all, she does have 'babysitting duties' to attend to. Why should she have a life of her own?

But whilst she has a sense of honour toward her family she also has a huge sense of lust and longing toward Rick. But things are never plain sailing and a forced separation threatens to tear the pair apart.

But is their love strong enough to survive the turbulence of a long distance relationship or would they both be better off forgetting one another and bailing out mid journey?

This is a tale that peaks and troughs just like those hot sex scenes Ms. Phillips pens so well.

Reading this novel makes you realise as a reader that not all grannies are made to knit bootees and bake apple pies. Some of them actually enjoy hard core knee tremblers while the oven is still hot....

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