Monday, May 04, 2015

The Rise to Success: E. L. James

Oh my...E.L. James knocks Jackie Collins down the wealthy author list!

I know Ms. Collins doesn't rate E. L. James at all! I'd rather Jackie Collins books myself, but not totally against E. L. James.

Best of luck to her, she released a series of books at the right time that appealed to a mass audience. Probably got herself a great agent too.

Even people I never thought would read that sort of book, did. And when I went to see the movie, [this was in the afternoon of the second week], most of the audience seemed to be women in their sixties and seventies!

Before Fifty Shades of Grey was published, people weren't too keen to admit they read erotic literature. She made it cool to like the Cliterati and somehow that book crossed over into mainstream publishing. You could pop into Tesco for a sandwich on your lunch hour or while doing the weekly shop, and toss a copy into your basket or trolley, take the escalator upstairs and add a Mr Grey 'Laters Baby' Camisole, oh and I forgot at one time Tesco were selling riding crops for a fiver!! Tally ho!!

Still think there's far better erotica and Romantica [a trademarked term used by the publisher 'Ellora's Cave'] out there. but for some reason, this woman hit on a formula. Not only was there a movie produced but now a follow up too, lines of lingerie, sex toys etc, there's probably even a Fifty Shades of Grey Tea Towel and matching Oven Glove on sale somewhere.

I bought all three books when they first came out, but have to admit I only read the first one, it was too repetitive for me and I lost the will to carry on after that. Though I do know of some women who have loved all three novels.

So, what's your take? Are you a Fifty Shades fan? Or is it a lot of tripe, er I mean...hype?

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