Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Four Kindle romance novels for just 99p each!!

Four Kindle romance novels for just 99p each!!
1. It Happened One Summer
Sandy Perkins is grieving for a lost love when she encounters new boss, the handsome, Matt Walker. Matt poses as an awkward customer at the charity shop where Sandy is manageress, instead of revealing himself to her as the new area manager. This initially makes Sandy distrust him, after all, he was trying to catch her out. The charity is in danger of closing down due to a severe lack of funding. Can the pair find a way to keep it going? And will they be able to work together to thwart the evil stalker who is making Sandy's life a misery?
"A great poolside read!"
2. Return to Winter
When Stephanie Baynham comes home to Wales , the lover she ran out on nine months ago, Dylan Pryce-Jones, is waiting at the airport for her. Will he understand why she left him without warning, during the afternoon of Matt and Sandy's wedding celebration? Later, she returns to her apartment and finds a threatening message scrawled on her mirror: "You're Dead!" Could her life really be in danger?
"Excellent dialogue and unpredictable action!"
3. Watching You
Following the reading of her father's will, Angeline Hamilton is devastated to discover that not only has she lost her inheritance, but she has lost Tarrington Manor -- her beloved family home. She ends up working for the new owner, Sebastian Tremaine, finding herself unwittingly attracted to the very man she should resent. Her confusion over the unexpected romance soon gives way to fear. But who is it who wants to see her dead? Soon she's embroiled in secrets, seduction and a simmering love affair. Stalked by evil, Angeline and Sebastian try desperately to hold onto their new found love...and their lives.
"A real page turner!"
4. The Sicilian's Proposition
Journalist, Joanne Smith, encounters Sicilian millionaire, Dante Alphonso, while conducting an interview for 'Life Today' magazine. Dante has been well known to the media for years, where constant scorn has been thrown upon the playboy lifestyle of his younger years. He detests that reputation as he would much prefer to be known for his charity work rather than his previous hedonistic lifestyle. He plans on proving to Joanne that he's not the man the media make him out to be. Will she believe him? And what's the secret Joanne has kept to herself all these years? Sparks are sure to fly under a hot Sicilian sun...
"A steamy summer read!"
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