Monday, August 22, 2016

Blue Skies [Seasons of Change book 3]

From a bustling grey town to the blue skies of a West Walian farming community.png
Rebecca Jenkin is a nurse working at The General Hospital in Merthyr Tydfil, where she comes into contact with Daniel Evans, an arrogant young doctor. Daniel is someone she prefers to avoid, though with time, his ice-cold exterior begins to thaw as he shows interest in Rebecca, thus begins a courtship between the pair.
At home, things aren’t easy for Rebecca. Her father is the chief inspector at the Merthyr Branch of the Glamorgan Constabulary. Her Mother, Kathleen, a former songbird of the big stage, is now middle-aged and forced to take a back seat in life to care for her family. It’s become evident her parents' marriage is on rocky ground, as her father’s temper and frequent disappearances, affect a previously happy home.
Rebecca is about to have the biggest shock of her life when she discovers something about her father, something so disturbing, it threatens to tear the family apart. Then not long afterwards, there’s yet another shock in store, which will cause double the trouble.
Rebecca faces the dilemma of leaving the town she loves to settle in a quiet farming community in West Wales, somewhere she’d never thought she’d see herself living in a million years. And the person responsible for this move is someone she thought she’d never fall in love with.
There’s just one problem, he’s a married man...
Will she be able to resist him? Or will her strong feelings for an unavailable man, cause her to ride the waves of temptation?

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