Thursday, June 22, 2006

Great review for It Happened One Summer

I had a great review for It Happened One Summer yesterday from The Romance Studio. Here's what the reviewer said [it made my day!]:

It Happened One Summer
Lynette Rees
Romantic suspense
Available from Wings ePress
ISBN: 1-59088-521-X
May 2006

Sandy Perkins is manageress with a local charity shop where all the proceeds go to the Cancer Concern, a local charity. When Matt enters the store, her life changes considerably.

Matthew Walker is the new area manager of the charity shop and has been sent to check out the business but finds Sandy sitting down on the job. This does not sit too well with Matt as he quickly informs.

Sandy isn’t pleased when a customer enters the store giving it the once over. When he announces he is her new boss, Sandy could scream. Things certainly didn’t get off on the right footing. He knows nothing about her and shouldn’t be quickly judging. When Matt hears the reason for Sandy’s break, he is apologetic and sends her flowers. To help raise more money for the charity, Sandy decides to have a fashion show. But in the midst of everything, someone is trying to sabotage her work and it is up to Matt to help find the culprit. They have a difficult past that bothers them and are trying to understand the situation while reaching out to the other. Now they must find out who wants to hurt Sandy while trying to heal the hurt in their hearts.

It Happened One Summer is a fascinating read that immediately draws in the reader. The characters of Matt and Sandy are really genuine in all their emotions. This reader could practically feel all the feelings that were vibrant in the pages. With some touches of envy, hatred, and disloyalty this gripping story blends great creativity. Ms. Rees instills characters that leave a lasting impression with wonderful dialogue that enhances the story. The secondary characters are a welcome addition to the storyline. Ms. Rees knows how to hook the reader and fascinate in this compelling page-turner. It Happened One Summer is a phenomenal read that should not be missed.

Overall rating: [5 Hearts]
Sensuality rating: Mildly sensual

Reviewer: Linda L.
June 16, 2006

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