Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hidden Away in Writing Never-Never Land

Do you know I feel sorry for all those fearful writers out there, the ones who are perfectly good writers, but who are afraid to let others read their work, in case they pass judgement on it.

What would happen then?

They would possibly have their beautiful creations torn to pieces perhaps? Or some well meaning person might tell them that they just don't have what it takes to become a writer.


To be a writer you have to get over the fear, and believe me there are many fears for you to overcome:

* Fear of rejection

* Fear of failure

* Fear of success

* Fear of critiques

* Fear of harsh words

* Fear of never getting published

* Fear of not completing your work

Plus much, much, more!

Rarely, have I come across a craft or occupation where there are so many fears. And rarely have I come across one where people experience so much self-doubt and self-conciousness that they often give up at the first hurdle and shove their manuscript away in the back of the drawer, never to see the light of day again!

What an absolute waste of writing time and talent!

I have learned so much by facing up to my own writing fears. Every rejection has taught me something new. Every success has made me realize that I am learning my craft as a writer. And every critique has made me face up to my writing blind spots.

There is rarely a successful author in the world who has not had his or her fair share of rejection and critical scorn thrown upon their work. What would have happened if Stephen King or J.K. Rowling had just thrown all their work into the back of the drawer? We'd never have seen any of their books published or films watched and enjoyed by so many people, that's what.

I say if you are one of those writers who fears just about everything -- then get over it! All writers have fears, even the top names in the business. The key is to face those fears and realize that success is built on the foundations of failure. Every writing failure you endure is a building block for writing success!

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