Friday, February 23, 2007

Cover Art for A Taste of Honey

I got assigned my cover art for A Taste of Honey today. I'm really pleased with it. The girl looks just as I imagined Fran Santini would.

The book is available in e-format initally from Samhain Publishing on April 3rd. I'm not sure if the word count will be quite long enough yet to go into print. I hope it is!

Here is the blurb:

Honey is not far from the sting.

Fran Santini has a secret she keeps from her family. During the day, she works as a waitress, but at night, she is a honey trapper for the Peace of Mind Agency, working for women who suspect their partners are cheating.

Travis O’Connell is minding his own business, enjoying a pint of Guinness at his local pub, when he is accosted by Fran who believes he is her intended target. After all, he has a goatee just as his “wife” described.

Fran, a hopeless honey trapper, fails to realize she has set up the wrong guy. What’s more, when the penny finally drops, she is forced into a compromising situation, begging the question: can Fran’s job stay a secret for much longer?

At the risk of incurring the wrath of Fran’s brother, Antonio, Travis finds himself attracted to sultry Fran Santini. Will the secret draw the couple together or drive them apart?

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