Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Got there in the end!

Whoo hoo! After being persistent and chasing up an article I sent off to a new Californian magazine eighteen months ago, I have finally received a copy and a nice, fat cheque!

The article looks fabulous. They changed the title though [which is nothing unusual] from 'Nine Energy Drainers' to 'Detox Your Life', which I think sounds great.

The magazine, Ocean Magazine, is quite modern looking and features well-toned, tanned young people looking a picture of good health!

I've written to thank them at the magazine and asked if they are looking for any more articles. You never know, 'Strike while the iron is hot!' As they say!

A Taste of Honey, my romantic comedy will be released by Samhain Publishing in April. I have already discussed the cover and hope that it will be cartoon like. I have seen covers by the artist I like there, Scott Carpenter. Here are a couple of his [above].

I hope he will be assigned as my cover artist!

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