Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Applying 'The Secret' to My Life

I've been reading the book, The Secret, this week and have to admit it's fascinating me. Basically, it talks about the Law of Attraction and how what we think is attracted to us. For example, if you keep thinking [which I have done in the past], I am overweight, then that is what you are going to attract -- those extra pounds. If, on the other hand, your thoughts are towards being happy and healthy, then you will attract a positive healthy lifestyle and figure.

Now I got to wondering if this would work for me, then I realised it already has worked for me in some areas without me even being aware of it.

In 1996, I attended an open day at the local college and although I was seeking a counselling course, I ended up side tracked and getting signed up for the diploma in childhood studies instead. I ended up getting great marks for my assignments, but I wasn't enjoying it. I became such a perfectionist, redoing and doing assignments that I had no time left for myself. I had burnt myself out and left after a year.

I was a little aimless for a couple of years, until I attended a workshop held by Gael Lindenfield, author of, The Positive Woman. Gael spoke about the importance of goal setting, not just for years in the future, but to set weekly, monthly and yearly goals as well. I came out of the meeting truly inspired. I opened a notepad and wrote the three things I most desired:

* To have a new friend

* To have a new hobby

* To train as a counsellor

The new friend came into my life very quickly. She was interested in tracing her family tree and we both went to meeting together and attended research offices. It opened a whole, new world for me. So I had the new friend and a new hobby.


In 1998, I decided that I would train to become a counsellor and not get side tracked like I had at the local college! I attended an induction meeting in the town and I met a woman who told me she wanted to train as a counsellor because she worked for a cancer charity. At that particular time I hadn't even heard of the charity, but I remember thinking, I'd love to work there!

I was selected for an interview to get on the counselling course, but unfortunately broke my big toe and ended up in a plaster cast. After that, everything went wrong. I couldn't attend as it was taking place at the top of a large flight of steep stairs. Then I was told I would be interviewed over the telephone, but no one rang me. So I left it at that, thinking I was never meant to become a counsellor.

Fast forward, a year. I met the same lady at a Woman's Day at my local health centre. She told me she had taken the course and passed and asked what had happened to me. When I explained she told me that they were interviewing again. So I applied and got accepted.

I ended up achieving The Intermediate Certificate in Counselling followed by The Diploma in Counselling.

I was interviewed by a mental health charity and got a job, coincidentally working at the cancer centre only seeing mental health clients. The mental health charity had taken over the cancer charity to keep it running.

Anyhow, to cut a long story short, both charities parted ways and I ended up being offered a position as a counsellor at the cancer charity where I still work today, some three years on. The very cancer centre I had fancied working at when I spoke to that lady back in 1998!

Keep posted for how 'The Secret' applied to my writing life without me realising it as well!


lacey kaye said...

Weird. Because you're right--I get pretty much everything I think I deserve, yet I can't lose those 20 pounds I know I should but don't really believe I can. Interesting post!

Lynette said...

Yes, I've had the same problem, Lacey. But now since reading 'The Secret' I have changed my whole attitude. Instead of thinking, 'I'll never lose weight', I am now thinking, 'I can lose weight and I intend to be a Size 14 [U.K size] by December 22nd, which is my birthday.

I'll post on my blog if it has worked!