Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Nice Review

I got a nice review for A Taste of Honey from ecataromance although the reviewer makes it sound as if Fran's job as a honey trapper is to sleep with men. It's not. She tests out their fidelity by seeing if they will chat her up or not. The family restaurant is called, The Vine Tree, not The Tree Vines as it says in the review. Apart from those minor quibbles the rest is great:

In order to raise some money to invest in the family business, Fran Santini works two jobs. The first is as a waitress in the family restaurant, with two brothers, Anthony and Mario. Her second job is as a honey trapper, an available woman that tries to get into a specific man's pants to prove that he cheats on his wife. However, when she messes up her latest case, mistaking the man she is suppose to honey trap with a total stranger, she is certain she will have to let her second job go. She is just not meant to be a honey trapper.

Travis O'Connell is a desperate man. He needs a job rather badly because he would like to go back to see his mom in Ireland and he would also like to buy a house where his dog Buster will be able to run as he wants. But to do so, he has to get the job in the family owned business where he has a job interview. On his way there, he gets hit on by a crazy woman, with beautiful legs, who thinks he is somebody else.

Fast forward a little bit. Imagine Travis’s surprise when, after being hired at The Tree Vines, he realizes that the boss's daughter is… the woman he thinks is a prostitute!

There are many subplots to A Taste of Honey which makes this story funny and entertaining! The secondary characters are also interesting and amusing. Ms Rees has written a witty, light and pleasurable read!

Reviewer Anne Chaput
Posted April 15, 2007

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