Monday, June 21, 2010

Girls' Night Out and Father's Day BBQ

Had a marvellous weekend. Had a rare girlie night out on Saturday night with my old friend, Trisha. When I say 'old' I mean she's a friend from years ago not an OAP lol. It was a fantastic night. I bumped into people I hadn't seen for years and met some new interesting ones too. Spent the remainder of the evening dancing myself dizzy at The Three Horse Shoes pub.

Nathan and Helen

Then had another great day yesterday at my daughter and her boyfriend's new home. Leyna and Lee hosted a barbeque for Father's Day. The sun shone all day and I had the best time. It was the most relaxing time I've had in ages.

Leyna and Shelley


Following the barbeque we played a game. I don't know what it's called but everyone writes down the name of a famous person either fictional or real and pins it on the the person next door to them and they have to guess who that person is. It took me ages to guess I was 'Sooty' lol. I knew I was someone to do with children's TV but for some reason kept thinking of a TV presenter not a puppet. Mind you the glass of Magners and the warm weather might have addled my brain!

Afterwards we went for a family walk with the dogs across the leafy Taff Trail behind their house. I really think I am at my most contented when I am surrounded by my family.

Happy Father's Day, Col!
Me and Colin
[notice my 'I am Boss!' badge.]

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