Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Stuart Cable R.I.P

I was shocked to hear the sad news that former Stereophonics' drummer, Stuart Cable, had died yesterday morning. So far, the police are saying his death is not suspicious and some websites are suggesting he may have choked on his vomit. Whatever happened, he died far too young.

I saw the Stereophonics at The Millenium Stadium in Cardiff in 2001 and they were awesome. He was still the drummer back then. The atmosphere that night was electric as fans performed a Mexican wave around the stadium and waved huge inflatable daffodils whist the Phonics played 'Just Looking', 'More Life in a Tramps Vest', 'Local Boy in a Photograph', etc. It was one of the best concerts I've ever been to. Coincidentally, one of the band members', Richard Jones's brother, Jason, was working on the electrics on our kitchen at the time and got us a signed autographed pic of the band. Jason rang Richard, who was in London, from our kitchen while Handbags and Gladrags was playing on the radio and had just grabbed the number one slot.

The press have made a lot out of suggesting that Stuart and Kelly Jones [the front man] had a huge rift that hadn't healed, but that doesn't appear to be the truth. Kelly Jones spoke on the BBC Wales news last night saying that they had patched things up a few years ago and had planned on meeting up in a couple of days.

There was a huge rift of course back in 2003 when Stuart was asked to leave the band due to commitment issues. That must have hurt, but he appeared to be over it and had several projects on the go, most recently with his BBC Radio Wales show Cable Rock and playing drums with his new band, Killing for Company who supported The Who last year.

A post mortem has been held, but by all accounts it will take weeks for the results following toxicology reports.

I'm wondering if he will be cremated at Llwydcoed Crematorium as my mother-in-law is one of the organists and she may well end up playing for his funeral. If that's the case, she will be in great musical company if Kelly at el show up!

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