Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A bunch of roses for myself!

I posted this pic of a bunch of roses on my blog exactly five years ago today.  That particular blog post has been relegated to 'drafts' as it was very personal and although I wrote a lot about a particular incident back then, I decided to remove those posts which covered around two months of my life, from my blog.

On that day as I was going through some personal trauma I stopped on my way home to buy myself a bunch of yellow and white roses.  White roses are my favourite flower.   I found it comforting buying flowers for myself, it was a way of saying, "There, there, you've been through so much.  Maybe these will help..."  In fact, it was like something I might have done for a good friend.

I read that post again today and realise I need to buy myself those roses again.

The strange thing was after buying myself those flowers, other people started to buy me flowers too.  Maybe I had put out a thought into the universe that I was worth loving and appreciating, who knows.  But it really helped.

Sometimes we need to appreciate, love and value ourselves in the first instance, then we will attract the right people toward us, who will show their love and appreciation too.

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