Tuesday, August 19, 2014

If you want to keep your job or avoid suspension you might be better staying off Facebook!

I've said this before and I'll say it again...people need to take care what they post on social media networks.   I've seen professional people posting inflammatory things such as racist/sexist posts.  I've seen them get involved in long threads of arguments, practically to the point of bullying.

I've also seen people tagged in disgraceful photographs making themselves look like idiots.

They seem to forget that anyone these days can access these things.  Employers often check out potential employees network pages before holding interviews.  One teacher was called into question for showing her underwear on a boozy night out as she gyrated ungraciously around a pole in night club!   Not the kind of thing her pupils or the parents of her pupils would wish to see.

And here's a link to an article in today's local newspaper with the title:  'Racist, threatening, embarrassing and compromising: The jaw-dropping Facebook and Twitter posts… by police officers':


Why do people feel they can act as they like on Facebook and other social media?  It's crazy.  Some have even been imprisoned over their Tweets if the issue is highly contentious and personal.  

It's my third week off Facebook and I'm still not missing it.  I've finished the first draft of my new novel and loving being away from mind numbing wall posts and threads of people arguing with one another.

It's fast losing its popularity with its privacy issues.   Youngsters are changing to Instragram.  Others are giving it up as they feel like I do, it wastes too much time and more often than not, achieves very little.

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