Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday's Book Excerpt: Watching You

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 This story is a twist on a Cinderella tale but this time it's a tale that's in reverse. Here the heroine goes from Riches to Rags! I had great fun writing this book as I also explored the villain's point of view.

When Angeline Hamilton's father dies, she is shocked to discover she is about to lose her family home. It's been purchased by a local wealthy businessman, Sebastian Tremaine, who she begins to detest. The talk is that Angeline's father had lost most of the family wealth as he had incurred gambling debts, which shocks her. However she has no idea that someone is out there lurking, watching and waiting. He wishes to destroy Angeline forever.



• "Watching You is a heart wrenching romance filled with passion, forgiveness, intrigue and murder..." — Erotic Horizons

• "I was unable to put it down-suspense tantalised all the way through the book and it is only at the end when the true culprit is unmasked!" — Amazon Reviewer

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