Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sunday's Novel Exerpt: Return to Winter [Celtic Heart Book # 2]

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When Stephanie Baynham returns home from Italy to Wales, there's someone waiting at the airport for her. Someone she isn't expecting to see in a million years, fashion designer, Dylan Pryce-Jones. He's the man she ran out on months ago on the afternoon of Matt and Sandy's wedding after they'd made love for the first time, so he's expecting answers!

Dylan has bought a castle where he holds wedding receptions and having nowhere else to stay, he takes Stephanie there, where she begins to work for him. Unfortunately, someone is scaring her half to death, she finds the words, 'You're dead!" scrawled on her mirror and fears for her life.

Who would want to see her dead? And will things that started out so well with Dylan at Matt and Sandy's wedding, ever become revived once again? Or is it all over between the pair of former lovers?

This book is a follow up to the novel, It Happened One Summer. and the second in the 'Celtic Heart' series of books.

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