Friday, June 08, 2007

One week has passed

Well it's been one week since Danny went missing and we are still no closer to finding him. We've done just about as much as we can to find him. Most of the week on and off I have been in floods of tears. I was okay yesterday, but today, now it's a week later, it really brings it home to me.

This time last week, I went into work a little later than usual, so I had time to walk the dogs before I left, instead of asking someone else to do it. Danny was still here then. I took the three of them over the tip and we played with the ball. He wasn't quite as quick as the other two at getting it, so I tried to make sure I threw it in his direction so he got a chance to bring it back to me.

When I returned from work that day, I brought their usual Friday treat for them. I had got into the habit of buying them a little something from the pet section in Wilksons every week. There are two bone sort of dental sticks in each pack and I would buy two. The other dogs took their time over theirs, but Danny always ate his so fast, that I would end up giving him the extra one as well.

It's strange, that I had been thinking how happy and lucky I was to have three great dogs. One of my neighbours had only commented a few days before how healthy the three of them looked. How was I to know when I went to bed that night, leaving my husband to walk them, it would the last time I would ever see Danny?

I feel in my heart, and I have felt this from the first hour he went missing, that I will never see him again. I hope I am proved wrong.

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