Sunday, June 03, 2007

Missing Dog!

It's been a sad weekend. My hubby took the three dogs out for a walk, late on Friday 1st of June at around 11.00 p.m and only came back with two.

Danny, the youngest, age 15mths, ran off and failed to return. He has run off once or twice in the past and has always come back to the house within an hour or so. It is now almost 48 hours since his disappearance and we are all breaking our hearts.

It's the little things I miss, like seeing him curled up in the armchair when I come in through the door, or hearing him howling as the ice cream van plays the theme from Match of the Day.

Of course, we have all searched. The kids have been out numerous times and are going out again as I write this. We will not give up looking for him. He's one of our own, part of our family.

Danny is quite slim and short haired and doesn't look distinctively like a Border Collie, although he is.

His coat is mainly black, with white markings on the back of his head. His chest is dappled [grey and black] and his paws are a sandy/dappled colour. The tip of his tail is white. He has very distinctive ears. His left ear points upwards [very long and straight] and his right ear is floppy.

If you have seen Danny, who went missing from the Abercanaid/Merthyr Tydfil area late on Friday 1st of June, please contact us on:

07929 181 662

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