Tuesday, August 04, 2009

New Shoes

After drooling after some of the Jimmy Choo shoes, I decided to buy this pair. No, I haven't gone mad and shelled out hundreds of pounds, I used my head and ordered them from Amazon [independent dealers] instead.

They were a snip at £16.99 and arrived within a couple of days. The heel is a little higher than I normally wear these days. But a girl has got to have a pair of killer heels. Wish I'd had the guts to purchase a pair of the red patent though!

I also purchased a pair of denim sandals. These were only a tenner and very comfortable.

As I write this I realise I have a bit of an obsession with shoes. There are seven pairs discarded on the floor beside me. I have got to stop using the computer room as a dressing/undressing room!

I will have a pair of Jimmy Choos one day, probably in the sale or maybe to reward myself for achieving something special...


Teresa Ashby said...

Gorgeous shoes - I wish I could wear pretty shoes (sob!)

Lynette said...

Why can't you wear them, Teresa?

I wore a lovely pair for a book launch back in 2006, but haven't been able to wear them since as they rubbed my big toe. Don't know if there is a way around that problem. I tried sticking plasters but they kept coming off.

The denim ones are really comfortable. :)

I used to wear really high heels when I was young but as I've got older the heels have got shorter lol. Thought it was time for a bit of glam!

Teresa Ashby said...

I broke my foot a few years ago - the doc said it would heal and be stronger than ever (he also said it was just a sprain and didn't send me for x rays for a month). Now if I wear high heels it hurts.

Have you tried sticking plasters and that micropore tape on your toe?

I think if I ever had a book launch (going off into the realms of fantasy here) I would wear pretty shoes and put up with the pain!

Teresa W said...

You never see a pair of Jimmy Choo's flung over the cables do you?

I miss my killer heels, since I had a hip replacement a couple of years ago, I'm not allowed to wear them. I still have them in the wardrobe, for posterity you know!

Lynette said...

Sorry to hear about your foot, Teresa A. That micropore tape is a good idea, ta. I once broke my big toe getting out of bed! I woke up in the middle of the night with a dead leg and got out of bed and my leg gave way. I knew I had broken it but put up with it for a week so I could walk the kids back and fore to school. Then I went to casualty and they put it in toe spica.

LOL@U Teresa W. There was an item recently on GMTV about a woman who lost a Jimmy Choo shoe her hubby had bought her for Christmas. She got drunk on a night out clubbing and put them in a carrier bag. By the time she got home the shoe was missing. How do you feel since the hip replacement?

Teresa W said...

I feel absolutely great! Walking with no problem at all, in fact, the new hip feels more 'normal' than the old one ever did.

Now if I could get some of this weight off, that I put on while unable to do much walking about, all will be fine. *sigh*