Wednesday, August 05, 2009

What rational explanation is there?

I Googled my name earlier and found that one of my books is up on e-bay for a staggering US $107.14 plus postage of $3.49. See here:

This doesn't make any sense whatsoever to me as the book is still available at and my publisher's website for a more practical sum of $10.99
[6.47319 GBP]. For some reason though, I have yet to discover, it isn't available at any more only from independent sellers at exorbitant prices.

The best place for people to buy my first two books [It Happened One Summer and Return to Winter] is from my publisher's website. See here:

Yet, strangely, the third book I had published at The Wild Rose Press is still available for a reasonable price from independent publishers at

And why am I writing this particular post here today? To take my mind off my impending OU result for the A215 Creative Writing result. It's due out officially by post on Friday but there are signs the results will be published online shortly. I'll keep you posted!

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