Monday, August 03, 2009

Noise Pollution

Why are some people so disrespectful of others' feelings? I went to bed late and thought I would have a bit of a lie in the following morning as I didn't have to go into work until lunchtime. So I thought I'd get up around 9 am or thereabouts.

However, I was woken at 7.45 by an horrendous noise sounding like some sort of disc cutter. I jumped out of bed and ran to the window but could see nothing. It sounded very nearby and I thought: "Who the heck is doing work at this time of the morning?" Then I noticed my neighbour up the road walking down the street and talking to some men. It appeared that they were working on the large house next to him and were using his private car park without his permission.

My neighbour must have okayed them using his car park to gain access to the house next door and dump some of the rubble there. The disc cutter noise and something sounding akin to a pneumatic drill sounded intermittently all morning. It looked as if they were digging up paving stones and tearing down a side wall. The best of it was it looks as if the family who live in the house have gone on holiday, so they have no problem with the noise.

I don't think I would have minded so much if the workmen had started work a little later, I just hate being woken up. It puts me in a bad mood for the rest of the day.

Although where I live looks as though it would be a quiet little area, there is often a lot of noise going on somewhere. As someone once told me, "It's the age of the power tool." So if someone isn't have their house updated hammering from dawn till dusk they are making other forms of noise.

I was once woken by two neighbours chatting outside at 6 am! What's the matter with people? The men are around retirement age and don't have to get up to go to work. So why are they outside chatting at that time of the morning? One of the men regularly used to wake us up when he came home following a night out with his wife and another couple. That went on for years until the club they visited closed down.

People don't seem to have so much respect for their neighbours any more. Maybe it's just me. Perhaps I have been unlucky this time, I don't remember having this problem where I lived before. Or maybe I am just a bit of a grump!


Teresa W said...

I completely agree with you. Unfortunately I live on a main road, with lots of traffic, and there is absolutely no point in going to bed before midnight at the earliest, on a Friday or Saturday night, as the police and ambulances use my road as a main route to the hospital, ferrying clubbers back and forth. But that aside, I was kept away on Thursday of last week by my neighbours nattering outside until 3 am! I wasn't happy.

Unfortunately, following Teresa Ashby's blog, I couldn't actually hear what they were saying, so nothing more than a good moan and much tossing and turning was gained from it.

Lynette said...

It is a pain, isn't it, Teresa. I loved your post at Teresa Ashby's blog by the way! It made me laugh out loud.

Incidentally, the workmen started earlier this morning 7.30!

I have looked online and most people seem to be saying it is before 7 am when it's against the law.

I am going to have to go to bed earlier tonight. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em -- getting up early in the morning that is!