Monday, May 23, 2005

Isn't life strange?

Isn't life strange? Last Friday I took a trip into Cardiff with my mother. I had been looking for Martha O'Connor's book, 'The Bitch Goddess Notebook' [known as 'The Bitch Posse' in the States] and was delighted to find it on the 'New Books' shelf at WHS. Now Martha is a fellow Momwriter, a Yahoo group of over 1000 writers who just happen to be mums, or should I say 'moms'! Absolutely chuffed by this, explaining to my mother and within hearing of two assistants topping up the shelves, I said, "I belong to the same writers' group as that author!"

Not only that, but I noticed the author of the next new book on the shelf was 'Katie FForde' who I had sat next to at the 'Write From The Heart', Romance Novelists' Associaton meeting back in February!

There is also a third writing coincidence, I was reading the Spirit-Led Writer E-zine a couple of days ago and particularly enjoyed an article written by Marion Stroud. I thought that name sounded familiar and on reading the author's bio realised that the author had written the book, 'Face to Face with Cancer', a book I had been loaned by Cancer Aid where I work!

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