Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Signs of Summer

I took the dogs for a walk today with my daughter, Leyna. Within a few minutes we were in a different world. We followed the path up from the house to Gethin Woods and for a moment it was as if we were in another country. Heavily wooded, surrounded by fields and a deep brook. It's hard to believe such beauty is so near.

The Woodland Trust have created a new path way with gates down towards Webber's Pond and removed the old benches, wooden jetties and gravelled off the old muddy path.

The dogs enjoyed themselves lunging themselves in the water after an old tennis ball, which pretty soon let in water and sank to the bottom. Shelley, the Ladbrador cross is the stronger swimmer of the two dogs and is able to swim right across the pond and back with ease. Millie, the sheepdog, on the other hand, is a more nervous swimmer, but has made great progress since last year.

Shelley went missing at the end of the walk as she usually does but turned up back at the house within the hour. She is such a clever dog that she realises when the walk is about to end and so runs off so she can prolong the walk.

Although, today was a lovely day, it was sad to hear the news about Kylie Minogue having breast cancer. I do hope they have caught it earlier enough and will be able to eradicate the disease. An oncologist on 'Richard And Judy' said today that more and more younger women are contracting it, but no one really knows why. Let's hope that someday we'll all know a lot more about his awful disease called cancer.


Audrey (aka Amethyst) said...

Hi Lynette
I heard on the radio that they seem to have caught Kylie Minouge's problem in time and that she's using her celebrity status to increase awareness among women about the problem. A good thing, don't you think?

Lynette said...

Yes, this has got to be a good thing to have a high profile celebrity to increase awareness, Audrey. I know when they show soap operas on TV, like the Emmerdale episodes about testicular cancer, more men went to the doctors to check themselves out.