Sunday, June 12, 2005

A Sad Weekend

On Friday I attended a Grief and Loss course at Alt -Yr-Yn College, Newport with my manager from work, Tracey. We had a pretty good day even though it's a heavy topic. Unfortunately, I found out on Saturday morning that one of Leyna's best friends was killed in a car accident, near the Storey Arms, Brecon.

The other four teenagers in the car survived and we don't really know as yet why Carly died. The only thing that might make any kind of sense we think is that she was at the back of the car, in the middle wearing the lap seat belt.

I feel so sad for her parents and younger brother and for all her friends and other family members. Leyna was devasted. She was in a state of shock and so was Scott, Leyna's boyfriend. Leyna was due to go into her Saturday job, but I phoned the store to explain why she couldn't come in. Scott came out of his Saturday job to be with her most of the day. She drank lots of tea, but it was about 5:30 before she even attempted to eat anything at all.

She didn't get to sleep until about 2:30. She brought her quilt downstairs and I stayed with her and woke her a bit later for her to go to bed.

I don't know what sort of affect it will have on all Carly's school colleagues as they are currently in the middle of their A Level Exams. I hope the examining board and the school will make allowances for this.

Carly's death has reminded me of the fragility of life. The last time I felt like this was September the 11th, 2001.

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