Wednesday, June 08, 2005

This time of the year

This time of the year, I feel tired, yet I accomplish more, it that makes sense? The days are longer and the shorter days seem a long way off. You see, I am one of those people who suffers with SAD -- Seasonal Affective Disorder. As September draws near I have to take some action, last year I tried a light box for the first time, which worked quite well. Before that I had used St. John's Wort quite effectively, but had been put off by the scare stories surrounding the natural herbal tablet. When the sun is shining like it has been today, I feel much happier in myself, although I can still be prone to the odd mood swing.

This time of the year, I see my neighbours to talk to much more often. Where does everyone go to winter? Do we all hibernate? That time of the year you can go ages without seeing people to talk to in the street. I'm not saying I never see them, I see them going out and coming in, but not standing around to talk like they do in the summer.

January 2005, seems a long time ago now.

I started off the year by setting some goals for myself which I have achieved, so now I need to set some more as we are half way through the year.

1. Finish writing my novel, THE HONEYTRAP MISTRESS

2. Submit short story to Woman's Weekly magazine

3. Revise and edit novella and submit to Kensington Brava

4. Get more sleep

5. Lost some weight

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