Monday, June 27, 2005

Why does this always happen?

I've been waking up early most mornings of late, around 5:00 am ish and sometimes have difficulty getting back to sleep. Anyhow, that happened this morning [I think it may be due to the strong sunshine we have been getting here lately as well as my circadian rhythm]It took me ages to get back to sleep, well over an hour later and I knew I had to get up to see the kids off to school at 7:00!

Anyhow, during the short amount of time that I fell back to sleep my dream was very vivid. I was up in Pant near to wear I work and about to share a meal with one of my colleagues and her husband. We had already eaten the main course and now it was time for dessert. Someone handed me a half carton of some gorgeous ice cream rather like the one we had for dessert yesterday following our Sunday lunch. In the dream I could really taste the ice cream, I was really experiencing the moment. Then, it dawned on me that maybe not every at the dinner party had had their share of the ice cream. I felt like a glutton. At that moment I woke up it was around 6:50 -- so almost time to get up.

Have you ever had a dream where you were enjoying the experience so much that you didn't want it to stop? That has happened to me several times particularly when I am in that sort of state, i.e. overly tired. One of my first thoughts is, 'Never mind I can go to bed later when I come home from work/shopping/etc', only I never do. The moment has gone for good.

All I can think that makes any sense at all to me is that perhaps it is a different quality of sleep I experience when I first fall asleep, particularly when it is for a short space of time. It is said that we dream several times a night rather as if we are watching a few short movies [like at the old ABC Minors!] So no wonder I needed that ice cream, maybe next time there'll be popcorn too!

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