Thursday, June 23, 2005

A great day to be alive!

I have to admit that the weather has been so lovely over here for the past few days that it makes me glad to be alive. Not that every day isn't valuble mind you, but when the weather is warm and summer is in full bloom it gives me a different perspective on life. I have heard that the weather will change again soon, so no doubt when the Glastonbury Festival starts tomorrow, it will be rainy as usual. I hope not though. We are used to seeing revellers up to their knees in mud so it would be nice if for the very last festival the crowd and performers had good weather. Apparently, the man who has been organising it since he bought the land in 1970 says it's time to give the neigbours some peace. I'm looking forward to seeing television coverage of the event over the weekend and will particularly be on the look out for the group, Alabama 3, who composed and sang the theme tune to the Sopranos.

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